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City Hall: 14100 Civic Park Drive, Riverview, MI 48193; 1-734-281-4200  

Origin of name:  When the city was incorporated, most of its residents lived by the Detroit River.

Area:  4.5 square miles

Population:  12,486

Major employer:  Riverview Community School District

Web Address:


Mayor: Andrew Swift (2019); 1-734-281-4201  

Council: Mayor pro tem Lynn Blanchette (2019), Thomas Coffey (2019), Dean Workman (2017), Bill Towle (2017), Elmer Trombley (2019) and James Trombley (2017).  
The general election is on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.


Finance Director/Purchasing Agent: Rob McMahon; 1-734-785-7348  

City Manager: Douglas Drysdale; 1-734-281-4201  

Chief of Police/Fire: Clifford Rosebohm; 1-734-281-4222  

Deputy Fire Chief: Mike Pool; 1-734-281-4264  

Assessor/Purchasing: Douglas Drysdale; 1-734-281-4201  

Building and Engineering: Dave Scurto; 1-734-281-4242  

Clerk: Cindy Hutchison; 1-734-281-4239  

Community Development: Dave Scurto; 1-734-281-4204  

Human Resources: Carol Mayerich; 1-734-281-4238  

Public Works: Jeff Webb, interim director; 1-734-281-4270  

Recreation/Senior Citizens: Todd Dickman; 1-734-281-4219  

Interim Golf Course Operations Manager: Mike Kettler; 15015 Sibley Road; 1-734-479-2266  

Riverview Land Preserve: Robert Bobeck, solid waste director; 20863 Grange Road; 1-734-281-4263  

Treasurer: Douglas Drysdale; 1-734-281-4230