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Dearborn Administrative Center: 16901 Michigan Ave.  

Origin of Name:  After Major Gen. Henry Dearborn.

Area:  24.5 square miles

Population:  98,146

Major employer:  Ford Motor Co.

Web Address:


Mayor: John O'Reilly; 1-313-943-2300  

Acting City Clerk: Lola Isiminger; 1-313-943-2010  

City Council Office:; 1-313-943-2025  

Council: Susan Dabaja (president), Thomas Tafelski (president pro tem), Robert Abraham, David Bazzy, Brian O'Donnell, Mike Sareini and Mark Shooshanian.  Terms of all elected officials will expire in 2017. The general election is on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.


Police Chief: Ronald Haddad; 1-313-943-2235  

Fire Chief: Joseph Murray; 1-313-943-2841  

Animal Shelter: Elaine Greene; 1-313-943-2697  

Assessor: Gary Evanko; 1-313-943-2140  

Economic and Community Development: Barry Murray; 1-313-943-2195  

Finance/Treasury: James O'Connor; 1-313-943-2118  

Human Resources: Cynthia Pepper; 1-313-943-2058  

Law: Debra Walling; 1-313-943-2035  

Library: Maryanne Bartles; 1-313-943-2330  

Management Information Systems: Doug Feldkamp; 1-313-943-3054  

Public Information: Mary Laundroche; 1-313-943-2285  

Public Works: James Murray; 1-313-943-2085  

Recreation and Parks: Gregory Orner; 1-313-943-2410  

Property Maintenance and Development Services: Nick Siroskey; 1-313-943-2150